What is Health Information Exchange?

Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is a system established to help patients and care providers share health information electronically. An HIE ensures that only you and the caregivers you authorize have access to your medical records from all participating providers.

How does HIE work?

  • The ability to exchange health information electronically has become essential in the efforts to improve health care quality, safety and efficiency.
  • An HIE pulls health information from various Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems that manage digital versions of a traditional paper-based medical record, making them available on a secure portal.
  • CCHC is working to interface with the main EMRs in the area, so that results can be seen by physicians in their own EMR without having to deviate from their preferred workflows. This is done through secure, encrypted data exchange, using standards developed specifically for health care, in order for patient information to remain secure.
  • CCHC ensures that health records are secure, and transmits information to and from other providers as allowed by law. Sharing health records electronically eliminates the need for faxing, copying, mailing or hand-carrying records, and creates a secure auditable record.


Nationally, health information exchange has resulted in:

  • faster and more effective primary, specialty and emergency treatment,
  • greater patient satisfaction,
  • less chance of duplicate testing, negative drug interactions and allergic reactions

Our mission

Our mission is to provide patients and the health care community with a trusted, integrated and efficient infrastructure to enable the exchange of health information in order to facilitate high-quality, patient-centered care and population health.


Our vision

Our vision is to create measureable improvements in the health of the population we serve through health information-sharing services.


Our providers

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