Joining CCHC will allow you to receive patient data from all participating hospitals and providers in Monterey County. Hospital data can include lab results, transcribed reports, radiology reports, health summaries/CCDs and discharge notifications. Additionally, ambulatory EMR data from participating providers may also be available to you within the HIE.

Nationally, Health Information Exchange has resulted in:

  • Improved health quality, safety and efficiency,
  • Greater patient satisfaction,
  • Saved administrative time and costs for managing paper reports/results,
  • Avoidance of duplicate testing, negative drug interactions and allergic reactions.

CCHC is a nonprofit governed by a board of managers with representation from Monterey County hospitals and their affiliates. These leaders are committed to securing protected health information, ensuring it is only accessed by authorized individuals or authorized use by law for treatment and payment.

Participating Providers

CCHC providers include hospitalists, primary care physicians, specialty physicians, nurses, physician assistants and other medical staff who support CCHC’s mission of providing quality health care to Monterey County residents.

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