Joining CCHC allows patients to connect with all providers in Monterey County that participate in the HIE. This connection allows the potential for electronic communication, and patients can view test results and other electronic documents that have been released as part of the overall healthcare record.

Why is Health Information Exchange important?

  • Access to timely, comprehensive patient information
  • Improved patient safety through comprehensive care
  • Better informed access to health care information for providers
  • Improved administrative efficiency through reduced paperwork and handling in the clinical care settings
  • Patient empowerment and engagement through access to personal health information
  • Reduction of duplicate tests, unnecessary hospital admissions and treatment-caused error
  • Reduction in health-related costs

What medical information is sent/stored in CCHC?

Please click here for a summary of what data is sent to and is stored within CCHC.

Your Guide

Please click here for a copy of CCHC’s “Your Guide” which is a summary document given to patients at select CCHC participating locations.


Connect to Providers in Monterey County

Call or visit your physician’s office and request an invitation to join CCHC. If you have a visit at a participating hospital organization and provide your email address at registration, you will receive an invitation following your stay.


Opting Out

If you don’t want to participate in CCHC, you may choose to opt out. It is also important to understand that opting out prevents the sharing of your information through CCHC between providers. If they choose, your doctor and other care providers will still be able to use the Health Information Exchange to have your lab results, radiology reports and other data sent directly to them; previously, they may have received this information by fax, mail, or other electronic communication. To Opt Out, please download, fill out the form, and send back to CCHC’s Help Desk via email or fax (831) 644-7451.

Already a Member?

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